We are Garden Tower Project,

A small company with big ideas right here in Bloomington, Indiana. We're committed to socially-responsible practices at every level, and our mission is no less than to help transform the face of gardening and food sustainability in our world.  To us, food security is more than just growing your own food, it is about growing healthy food. In an era of rapidly rising food prices and industrial farming practices that strip our food of nutrients essential for good health, we believe the Garden Tower is one small step in empowering people towards their own food security. To this end, we plan to launchGrowingCircles as support becomes available.  Moreover, support from customers and partners alike brings us closer to full-scale production of our future tower, the next generation of the ultimate patio farm -- The Garden Tower!


The Team


Our Team: Garden Tower Project is the brainchild of a few social entrepreneurs from Bloomington, Indiana AND our partners:

Colin Cudmore: inventor and founder of Garden Tower Project

Tom Tlusty: project partner and health professional

Joel Grant: project co-founder, environmental scientist and applied expert in natural systems

Benedict Jones: creative consultant and networking guru

David Huber: business and creative development consultant

And several contributing local craftsmen & craftswomen!

Contributing Organizations:

  • Will Allen of Growing Power (  Will's speech at Indiana University was Colin's wake-up call that solutions to global food insecurity were necessary and possible.  His inspirational talk was a catalyst for this entire project.

  • Green Acres Neighborhood Garden ( --thanks for onsite testing of the first generation tower in their organic garden.

  • Bloomington Community Farmer's Market  ( --thanks for allowing us a platform from which to gather public interest and suggestions.

  • Renaissance Farm and Permaculture Institute ( --thanks for the expertise and recommendations on specific design changes.

  • CyberSolutionsIndy  ( is a young start-up of exceptionally talented web designers.  Their professionalism and creativity are on ample display on our splashpage.

  • Steven Ray Brown ( is an extraordinary artist and graphic designer.  His work on our kickstarter video captures the Garden Tower Project story perfectly.  His teacher, Zeb Wood of indianaUploaded ( considers him one of the brightest lights of his generation.

  • Jeanne Walters Real Estate ( is a team of exceptional Indiana realtors which has helped the project with critical resource needs around Bloomington from the beginning.

  • Marina Krenz ( Thanks to Marina Krenz for her expertise in web site development, Internet marketing and S.E.O.

  • Joshua Rubin ( of Maxi Container and mirainbarrel for being an extremely valuable industry consultant.


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The revolutionary Garden Tower vertical garden & composting system is capable of transforming home gardening, urban gardening, and making a difference.

Garden Tower Project is a socially-responsible company based in Bloomington, Indiana whose mission is to improve lives by helping to build a more resilient and sustainable world.


 Vertical organic gardening & composting anywhere!

Garden Tower: The ultimate patio farm by Garden Tower Project.

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