Ultra-durable, Purposeful Materials and Design!

The Garden Tower 2 is made from 100% recyclable food-grade plastic.  Its simple, sturdy construction ensures many years of trouble-free use.  Every component of the composting Garden Tower 2 is produced from virgin food-grade high density polyethylene.  We only manufacture with HDPE resin because it is free of BPA, plasticizers, phthalates, and impurities that can become bio-available over time.  Recyclable feed-stocks are generally not clean enough to be certified as food-grade.  We do not use any PVC or polycarbonates in any of the components of the Garden Tower 2.  In time, we plan to explore the available bio-based plastics to further reduce our footprint.  The tower is engineered to provide seven years of resistance to UV radiation before the integrity of the tower's shell is significantly reduced; however, in many scenarios the first life of a Garden Tower could be much longer. 





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Garden Tower: The ultimate patio farm by Garden Tower Project.

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