50 Plants + Composting in Four Square Feet!

The Garden Tower grows plants vertically, enabling you to grow 50 plants in a very small space -- the ultimate square foot garden with integrated composting! Most container gardens only allow planting on the top. The Garden Tower has 45 openings around the outside and space for up to 5 taller plants on top, resulting in an impressively bountiful harvest.  Along with the top, side planting pockets are large enough to accommodate compact root vegetables such as turnips, carrots, and radishes.  (see the FAQ for vegetable suggestions).

Youth Gardening Program Garden Tower 1

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City Hall Bloomington Indiana

Garden Tower Top View


Garden Tower Willie Streeter 


Garden Towers Hilltop Greenhouse


Garden Tower Willie Streeter


Carmel Client Garden Tower


Garden Tower Willie Streeter


Garden Tower Vegetable Broccoli


 Youth Gardening Program Garden Tower 3 Tomatoes


Bloomingfoods East Garden Tower


Garden Tower Youth Food Program 


Garden Tower 


Garden Tower Bloomington Community Garden


Late September in Indiana: Basil, Stevia, Tomatoes, Peppers, Chives, Lettuce, and more!


 Twin Towers By Garden Tower Project


Fall Tomato harvest from a single large tomato plant in the top of a Garden Tower at Hilltop Gardens Nursery

(click on the orange tomatoes to see the facebook story!)


Vertical organic gardening & composting anywhere!

Garden Tower: The ultimate patio farm by Garden Tower Project.

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