Sustee Aquameter Set of 2, Plant Moisture Sensor/Indicator, (White, Large, Refillable) FREE SHIPPING

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(FREE SHIPPING FOR A LIMITED TIME!) Easily and quickly see if your indoor or outdoor pots, planters, or Garden Tower® system needs water!  Works extremely well with houseplants too!  No batteries, maintenance-free, convenient and non-intrusive.  Ingenious and high quality (Made in Japan). 

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These easy-to-use and read soil moisture indicators are a perfect complement to all of your planters, traditional gardens, or Garden Towers!  No more guessing when and how much to water!  Just glance across the room or through the window to check your plants! 

Ships for free during the June heatwave (US only)!

  • Maintenance Free (can last up to 4 years before replacing internal wick)
  • Easily to read color indicator lets you know when to water
  • The blue probe indicator turns white BEFORE your plants get stressed!
  • Includes two white probes and indicator cores.  (Core can be replaced)
  • Individual dimensions: Large (0.4 x 0.3 x 10")
  • Allow 90 minutes to equilibrate to soil moisture after watering

These are excellent for all types of planters (potted house plants, 5-gallon tomato buckets, Garden Tower® systems, etc.) with a diameter of 3" or more. 

The Project staff has been using these moisture indicators for four years! We import them directly from their manufacturer in Japan because we love them (and there is no distributor markup)!  


Garden Tower user instructions: Insert indicators at a 45-degree angle pointing down.  Place one in the 2nd ring and one in the 4th ring.  You can place them on the same side or place them opposite of each other for more coverage of the system.  If your upper Sustee probe is drying out (white) before your lower probe, then decreases the watering volume and increase frequency. If the lower probe is drying more quickly than the top probe, you need to increase watering volume (for example, move from 4 gallons to 6 gallons per top watering session, twice per week).  


Have a question?  Check out this great video from Australia:

Regular price $16.50 Sale price $13.50
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