Earth Day Pollinator Kit

Butterflies and Bees will love our Pollinator Kit! 100% NON-GMO Seeds and Sustainably made Native Bee House.  LIMITED QUANTITIES!

Bring in the pollinators and help shelter them too!  All Non-GMO Botanical Interest® seeds specially selected to provide plants and flowers for pollinators across the United States.  13 individual packets of seeds. The Native Solitary Bee House is made from sustainably harvested dead wood in Pennsylvania by local craftsman.  Once these are sold out, this specific combo will not be offered again.  No additional shipping if purchased with a Garden Tower® System!

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A third or more of our food is pollinated by several types of pollinators, not just honey bees!  Creating spaces that contain the habitat, food and nectar required by multiple different species is important for pollinating not only for your garden, but to help all gardens!  An added bonus is the beauty it will bring to your Garden Tower® System and/or in and around your area. 

Native Solitary Bees are incredibly important in pollination and often overlooked as the focus has been on honey bees (which are important).  Habitat for native solitary bees is crucial and disappearing.  That is why we have partnered with Bee With Me to exclusively offer a sustainable and appropriate bee house for these little gems!  You can read more about the bee house and instructions for placing here.  This is not for Honey Bees.

Our specially selected Botanical Interest® seeds include several Non-GMO varieties to allow planting in your Garden Tower, in pots and in the ground.  Variety is important to attract the most pollinators.  Herbs are a great way to add to your food and support pollinators.  Just let a few of the herbs bolt or go to flower.  Most herbs flowers are tiny and attract tons of lesser known pollinators.  Some of the herbs included are Flat Leaf Parsley (Black Swallowtail Butterfly caterpillars love to eat parsley) , Dill and Thai Basil (flowers are irresistible to pollinators).  Letting some veggies go to flower is good as well.  We have included Red Russian Kale for this as it is pretty, yummy and a great plant to let flower but let some of you other veggies go to flower too!  Flowers are the what everyone likes to see though!  Some of the flowers included are Dwarf Elves Sunflowers, Cut and come again Zinnias, French Marigolds ( marigolds are lady bug magnets!), and Mahogany Nasturtiums (beautiful and edible).  These can all be planted in a Garden Tower, in containers or in the ground. 

We are also including a selection of flowers meant for small containers or in the ground.  Each kit will also come with Precious Pollinator Blend (covers about 80 SqFt and includes Smooth Aster, Borage, Cosmos, Dill, Lance-leaved Coreopsis, Lemon Bee Balm, Naughty Marietta Marigold, Milkweed, Phacelia, Purple Coneflower, Red Clover, Scarlet Sage, Sunflower, Queen mix, California Giant Zinnia), Bachelor Button Tall Blend, Cosmos, and Dwarf Lavender.  13 seed packets in total.  Substitutions may occur but should be minor.

Happy and Healthy Gardening!

Regular price $64.89 Sale price $52.89
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