Welcome to the Garden Tower Project. 

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The Composting Container Garden by Garden Tower Project

It's a garden, it's a composter, it's the

Garden Tower

Garden Tower

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Gardening Made Easy:

Add 8 cu. ft. of potting soil

Add compostable kitchen scraps

Add red-wiggler composting worms

Add starter plants or seeds!


Everyone should have access to healthy food!

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How a Garden Tower works: the ecology inside a Garden Tower

How a Garden Tower works -- Inside the Garden Tower 2: (click on image above to enlarge)


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Feature overview of the Garden Tower 2

Garden Tower 2 feature detail images

Garden Tower Users USA

Over 4,000 people are gardening with the Garden Tower v1 & v1.1: (click on image above to enlarge)

PBS StartUp Episode -- ADVANCE to 16:19 for Garden Tower Project segment


Garden Tower 2 International Design Award from 2014



The Garden Tower is a revolutionary self-contained vertical garden / composting system capable of transforming home gardening, urban gardening, and making a difference.

Garden Tower Project is a socially-responsible company based in Bloomington, Indiana whose mission is to make that happen innovatively, collaboratively, and affordably.




Vertical organic gardening & composting anywhere!

Garden Tower: The Ultimate Patio Farm

by Garden Tower Project.


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