Benefits of Kids Learning Through Gardening

Child watering plants and vegetables in garden


 It’s almost back to school time again, which means our kids are going to be getting ready to go back to the classrooms - but we had an idea…

Why not send them back with some cool gardening knowledge they can share with their classmates!

Gardening is a great summer or fall hobby for your kids, and it teaches them a host of useful skills!

Nutrition value Kale chard and greens

Gardening is a great way to learn about nutrition in a hands-on way.
Leafy greens like spinach, chard, mache and kale grow really well in the Garden Tower™ 2.

Whatever you decide to plant, your kids can learn all about the health benefits of the food they’re growing!

It can be a real struggle to get kids to enjoy healthy foods, but eating food they’ve grown themselves can give them a sense of achievement and a one-of-a-kind experience.

Going from planting a seed, nurturing it as it grows, watching it flourish and then having it on your plate will give them a incredible sense of power and build a habit they can continue for life (not to mention improving the health of their diet!

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cute children watering garden tower

A huge part of gardening is caring for your plants properly - making it a great exercise to teach your kids responsibility and patience!

Your kids will learn quickly that the plants won’t flourish unless they’re watered and taken care of regularly.

They’ll also learn that patience is the name of the game in gardening - they’ll have to wait quite some time for their plants to grow!

The Garden Tower™ 2 makes it so that your kids can easily keep track of their plants’ progress daily - don’t be surprised if you see them running over to the tower every morning!

Kids showing off their strawberry harvest

Gardening can be an incredibly socially enriching and rewarding activity - the Garden Tower™ 2 can be right at the center of your at-home activity plans during the school year!

You can make plans to grow different fruits and vegetables, while your kids learn about the different growing processes and get to try out all of the colors of the rainbow!

It’s a great way to teach children the basics of gardening like plants, soil, worms, and the entire harvesting process.

Growing a Garden with a Garden Tower® supports many facets of ecological understanding through these processes and concepts:

  • Growing plants from seed through maturity
  • Composting processes and nutrient recycling
  • Soil hydrology, water uptake and evapotranspiration
  • Nutrient transport through soil and water
  • Friendly worms and vermicomposting!

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