Elevate your growing power

50 plants & vegetables
in 4 square feet
composting for nutrient
rich gardening
faster growing than
any other garden
minimal upkeep &
no weeding required
rotate for easy
award wining
innovation & design


The Garden Tower® looks better in your backyard then on our website.
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“This garden tower® is fantastic. I’m a certified permaculturist and my wife and I purchased one of these last summer as I have a bad back. It worked great. The design is excellent; it’s sturdy, and well-crafted. All you need to do is buy a cup of worms at the start of the year to begin moving nutrients and have a decent container underneath to recycle those many nutrients. We’re looking at getting a 2nd one so that we can grow more veggies this summer!! Thank you Garden Tower® folks!!”

Brian Bunn
Certified Permaculturist (Bloomington, Indiana)

“I was amazed. We run an organic permaculture garden, so we expect things to grow fast and well. Garden Tower® user: Ann KreilKampBut this Garden Tower® was like a beacon of light… totally astonishing. I estimate growth in the Tower at least 30% faster, maybe more. All the plants were, and remained healthy. No weeds. No bugs. What’s not to love?”

Ann Kreilkamp, Ph.D.
Community Garden organizer (Bloomington, Indiana)

“I absolutely love the Garden Tower® and I think every family should have at least one.  I put in my kitchen scraps and have it come out as these wonderful castings.  My Garden Tower® gets fertilized and I have castings for other plants.  I have never seen herbs or  vegetables grow faster than they do in the Garden Tower® it is amazing!”

Mary Wheeler
Master Gardener (Bloomington, Indiana)