Organic Waste = Organic Food

Watch it happen. Take a look inside the Garden Tower® and learn how to grow more nutritious food in less space by watching the video below!

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The Garden Tower® 2 has a low maintenance continuous vermicompost column. The soil surrounding the column provides steady moisture and temperature for a resilient worm habitat. In 9 months of use a Garden Tower® 2 can recycle >50 gallons of organic kitchen scraps, turning nutrient rich organic waste into organic food!

As simple as...
Add compostable kitchen scraps
Add composting worms

Nutrient Distribution

Nutrients actively move through the GT2 in three different ways:


night crawlers move through the entire tower from top to bottom leaving deposits along the way.


with every watering available nutrients are moved from root zone for increased uptake.


plant roots reach the decaying compost in just a few weeks and absorb vermicompost nutrients.

Use Your Compost

Between harvest & replanting, the finished compost and compost tea is easily removed from the controlled compost release gate and returned to the soil in your garden tower®.

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How the Garden Tower® grows more nutritious food in less space

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