The Anatomy of a Garden Tower® System

closeup of a variety of vegetables growing in a vertical vegetable gardenThe Garden Tower® is a one-of-a-kind product with no one doing it quite like us. Combining the 50 pockets, compact nature, and built-in compost tube, it's the best vertical vegetable garden on the market. Every component of the Tower works together to create the best possible environment for your plants to grow in—that's why we've created this informative guide about the anatomy of the Garden Tower® System to shed light on its sustainability and practicality.

Give Your Plants an Extra Boost With the Built-in Compost Column

Added Nutrients For Your Vertical Vegetable Garden’s Plants

a birds eye view of the inside of a Garden Tower® without soilThe built-in compost tube is the shining star of the Garden Tower®—it's compact, efficient, and effective. This feature revolutionizes gardening and composting in a variety of ways. Not only does it save space for those looking to grow in urban areas, but it also provides the Tower's plants with a significant amount of nutrients that they otherwise wouldn't receive. Because fertilizer is replaced with vermicomposting and you'll be creating less waste, you're able to cut down on costs and live a more sustainable lifestyle. Around 30% of our produced waste is completely compostable, so the Tower provides a unique experience to lessen your carbon footprint, too.

In addition, a worm-driven compost is significantly faster at digesting compostables and recycling nutrients than a typical hot compost. Garden Tower 2™ creates the easiest-to-maintain vermicompost system by maintaining moisture and insulation with the large amount of aerated potting soil that surrounds the compost column. Within a few weeks, the compost's nutrients will reach your growing plant’s roots, so what are you waiting for?


Easily Remove Finished Compost and Worm Tea and With the Compost Drawer

Collect Nutrient-Filled Water For Your Plants

the bottom drawer of the Garden Tower® being pulled out for displayBelow the built-in vermicompost tube is the compost assembly —this component is easily accessible for people of all ages and mobilities because of its placement on the Garden Tower®. There are two separate compartments to this assembly, including:

  • Compost Gate: Finished compost is stored in the tube. The "gate" above the drawer can be pulled out, allowing the compost to be lowered into the drawer to be removed and placed back into the soil.
  • Compost Tea Drawer: This section stores nutrient-filled water which we like to call "nutrient tea". This can be poured back onto the top of the Tower to give your plants even more vitamins and minerals than before. It’s not unusual for a conventional raised bed or container planter to lose 80-90 percent of the plant-available nutrients before they can be absorbed by the plant's roots!  Garden Tower 2™ captures missed nutrients as they cascade downward from root zone to root zone and into the drawer.  

The compost assembly works together with the built-in compost tube to provide nutrient dense soil and give you healthier plants and larger harvests all season long.

Grow Smarter and Easier with Curved Pockets

Designed For Hassle-Free Planting and Quick Nutrient Access

child holding a stuffed animal standing next to a vertical vegetable gardenOur signature curved pockets can easily grow most types of vegetables, herbs, and flowers. These are specifically designed for the user to plant or remove greens with ease while leaving other plants undisturbed. Additionally, these pockets were created with the plant's health in mind, giving them easy access to nutrients and protection from stem abrasion. Companion planting is also incredibly straightforward due to the pockets' proximity, granting larger, healthier harvests for the user.

Keep Your Vertical Vegetable Garden Anchored With Sturdy Feet and a Rotating Base

Never Worry About Tipping With This Base

closeup of the base of a Garden Tower® with the wheel caster kit attachedOne of the signature parts of the Garden Tower® is its large, sturdy base.  The patented design allows for the Tower to rotate 360 degrees on the base (no wheels required!) so that ALL plants can receive adequate sunlight/shade. This rotation isn't just convenient for the herbs and veggies, but for the user, too. Because of the Garden Tower®'s 360 degree rotation, it can be used in tight areas such as balconies and porches with railing or obstructions preventing access from all sides. Additionally, this feature allows you to be seated when working at the Tower, making gardening more accessible for people of all ages and mobilities.

Along with its accessibility is its sturdiness!  The cylindrical shape provides support in rain, shine, and extreme weather conditions. If you'd like an extra sense of security, the bases' wide, reinforced feet allow you to anchor them to rooftops, porches, decks, and more for extreme conditions. Additionally, our heavy duty, double-locking caster kit (pictured and sold separately) can easily be attached to the Tower's feet for frequent moving. However, it's important to remember to not put casters directly into the Tower's feet—there is a structure that mounts beneath the Tower for wheels to be placed on.

You aren't going to find anything quite like the Garden Tower® Vertical Vegetable Garden—it's sustainable, USA made, and compact. With all of these components flawlessly working together, you can cut down on waste while producing tasty, nutritionally dense veggies and herbs without fertilizer. Interested in getting your hands on this one-of-a-kind vertical vegetable garden? Visit Garden Tower Project today to learn more about how you can grow your own food no matter your age or mobility.

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