4 Reasons Why Every Vegan Needs a Vertical Vegetable Garden

woman working with a Garden Tower®

No matter whether you’re just starting out as a vegan or have been in the community for a long time, there are always fun and exciting ways to shake up your daily diet while saving money and protecting the environment in the process. For those eating a vegan diet, we recommend using a vertical vegetable garden for organic gardening because of the ability to have control over what you’re eating and its compact nature. We’ve created this helpful and informative guide for vegans to understand why a Garden Tower® is a great way to sustain their lifestyle while helping others as well.

1: Vegan Gardening Allows For Easier Access to Staple Food Items

Nutritious Vegetables and Herbs Outside Your Door

several bowls of salad greens from Garden Tower®

When it comes to starting your vegan journey, finding food that is 100% vegan can be difficult as well as expensive. Because of this, growing your own food is a great way to both control what you’re putting into your body as well as make vegan food more accessible to you and your family. Not only will you be able to feed yourself with homegrown veggies that you are 100% sure have not come into contact with animal products, but you’ll also be saving money in the process.

With one Garden Tower®, you can grow enough greens for hearty, filling salads every week. Instead of spending an absurd amount of money on produce at the grocery store that may or may not be very fresh or affordable, you can simply walk outside your apartment or house and find your dinner ready to be cleaned and eaten. With a Tower, most common vegetables can be grown, meaning that you’ll never be without the greens you’re craving for a meal.

2: Environmental Benefits From A Vegan Diet Combined With Organic Gardening

Not Only Good For You, But the Environment as Well

closeup of top of vertical vegetable garden

When looking at the grand scheme of things and not exclusively thinking about the benefits for you personally, you’ll find that there is a significant amount of other perks for the environment that can be found by doing your own organic gardening. Not only are you reducing energy consumption and saving water by eating vegan, but you’ll also be helping cut down on carbon emissions by taking less trips to the grocery store. In turn, this will also create fewer trips to the grocery store by company trucks transporting groceries into said store.

Additionally, our vertical vegetable garden has a built-in composter tube which allows for less food waste that would otherwise end up in landfills while also supporting your local ecosystem. There is also less food waste in general—you can harvest exactly what you need while leaving the rest of the vegetables in the Tower until you’re ready to use them.  Finally, Garden Tower Project™ produces the only container gardening system to earn a Living Products Certification for beneficial impacts on humans, health, and the planet.  No matter how you look at it, organic gardening with a Garden Tower® isn’t just good for your health, but also for the planet.

3: Less Risk of Cross Contamination With Animal Products

Have Complete Control Over Your Garden and Food

closeup of vegetables growing in Garden Tower®

Cross contamination is a lingering issue everywhere, but especially when it comes to animal products and vegetables. There are many people who aren’t educated about veganism and don’t understand what is and isn’t considered an animal product. Because of this, it’s important to have a conversation in these types of situations about what you’re able to eat. 

However, it’s not always possible to completely erase the risk of cross contamination of animal products unless you have complete control over the growing process. There’s no way to know where your food has been while on it’s journey to the grocery store. However, by participating in organic gardening, it’s easy to confirm that you don’t have any unwanted products or pollutants on your food. Cross contamination isn’t just about animal products—it can also come in the form of bacteria that causes food-poisoning, or other toxins that were never intended to be part of our food supply. By taking charge and growing your own food, you’ll be able to know exactly what your food has come in contact with and significantly reduce the risk of food poisoning.

4: Gardening Isn’t Rural Exclusive

Find Your Passion for Vegan Gardening in the City, Too

vertical vegetable garden in backyard

Traditionally, when thinking of gardening, many people imagine a large plot of land that requires a decent amount of space. Thankfully, gardening isn’t just exclusive to rural areas anymore—no matter where you live or how little space you have, there’s a way to grow on your balcony, in a spare bedroom, on a patio, or even a porch. With inventions such as the Garden Tower® vertical vegetable garden, it’s easy to sustain your organic garden and vegan lifestyle while living in the city. By taking very little space on an apartment balcony, you can create an air-purifying oasis where healthy, delicious food is also grown. 

Whether you’re a senior in the vegan community or just starting out, there’s always something new that you can do to improve your diet and continue to help the planet. By participating in organic gardening with a vertical vegetable garden, you’ll be sustaining not only your diet, but also the local environment. Interested in vegan gardening in your urban area? Visit Garden Tower Project’s website to learn more about how you can start your urban gardening project today.

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