Worm Selection for Vermicomposting in Garden Tower® 2 System

How to Choose the Right Worms for the Garden Tower® 2 System

Worms in compost

Worms play a critical role in the Garden Tower® 2 vertical planting system’s success in producing nutritious plants and food. With worms, the Garden Tower® 2 system is able to handle a high rate of plant production and its rigorous demands. To ensure a favorable result, worms should be added to the Garden Tower® 2 system during the setup process. To help you, we have provided a guide that will help you find the right worms for your Garden Tower® 2 system. In it, we will go over:

  • Basic worm selection criteria
  • Where to purchase worms
  • Our favorite worm retailers

Basic Worm Selection Criteria

There are around one million species of worm that inhabit the earth. These different worm species are divided into three categories: the compost worm, the earthworker worm, and the root dwelling worm. Not all worms will be suitable for the Garden Tower® 2 system. 

We recommend these worm species for the Garden Tower® 2 system:

  • Red Wigglers -- popular compost worms known for their voracious appetites
  • Nightcrawlers and other garden worms -- these worms will dwell and tunnel deeper into the soil than most composting worms 

Worms will reproduce quickly in the Garden Tower® 2 system, so you only need to add a small number of them to it. In many climates, worms can even survive over winter without additional protection in a Garden Tower® 2 vertical planting system. 

Where to Buy Worms

Worms can be purchased at almost any local store situated near a body of water, such as a lake or stream. Bait shops usually serve as the go-to store for worms. Sporting goods chains and even department stores and some gas stations stock red wigglers and nightcrawlers for bait. There are numerous mail-order worm sources and ample information on vermiculture available online as well. 

If you are looking for a discount on worms, then you are in luck. Garden Tower Project has an official Red Wiggler Supplier! Garden Tower® 2 users receive a coupon for 15% off Red Wigglers from Worm Nerd and they have a special Worm Package perfect for the Garden Tower! 


Some of our other favorite reputable worm sellers include: 

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