Hot Tips to Guard Your Garden This Season

Expert Tricks to Help Your Vertical Vegetable Garden Thrive
various greens, herbs, and vegetables growing in a Garden Tower 2 indoors

If you’re looking for new and organic ways to keep your garden nourished and safe from pests this season, you’ve come to the right place. The best part? No matter where you’re located or what you’re growing, these tips will help guard your plants against a variety of potential dangers. As industry leaders in vertical vegetable gardening, we’ll walk you through healthy, sustainable ways to make your garden the next level this year.

Support Pollinators and Keep Pests Away By Adding These Plants

Improve Your Garden and Keep Unwanted Pests Away

a closeup of beautiful orange flowers growing amongst various greens in a vertical vegetable garden

It’s common knowledge that pollinators are one of the most important parts of any garden. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to enjoy around 75% of the delicious herbs, vegetables, and fruits that we all love to eat. Our relationship with pollinators is mutually beneficial—they receive pollen to create food, while we receive healthily pollinated plants to eat. Some of our favorite plants to achieve this include marigold, cilantro, dill, and nasturtium.

Our Pollinator Kit is an excellent way to go above and beyond for local pollinators, as it doesn’t just include high-quality seeds, but a Native Bee House to attract even more guests to your garden. You can never attract too many pollinators to your garden, so feel free to support the bees to your heart’s content! Plus, your Tower will thank you.

Plan Your Garden Around Trap Cropping

An Affordable and Sustainable Pest Control Alternative
a man and woman pruning and harvesting from their Garden Tower 2

No one likes pests in their garden—especially ones that damage plants. While there are a variety of ways to ward off these pesky insects, trap cropping is among our favorite approaches. This method of gardening is essentially the practice of “protecting” crops that insects would typically eat. A gardener will plant insect-attracting herbs and vegetables near their highly-desired plants to keep pests away from the “cash crop”, or the greenery that you’re protecting.

Once you’ve found which plants you value most, you can begin to layout your Garden Tower 2 with trap cropping in mind. We recommend planting the “protecting” plants in separate pots to keep insects away from your vertical vegetable garden altogether. This way, you can enjoy a healthy harvest without worrying about critters. The best part? Without the use of toxic pesticides, you can continue to have a healthy, organic garden for years to come.

Incorporate Cover Plants Into Your Vertical Vegetable Garden

A Great Way to Help Soil and Protect Plants
a closeup of various different peppers growing in a vertical vegetable garden

Because we strive to live as sustainably as possible, it’s important to nourish the soil you already have rather than buying more. The solution? Incorporate cover crops into your garden. These plants are an excellent way to breathe new life into your soil while still being able to grow your favorite herbs and veggies. Cover crops can help smother weeds, nurture the soil, and even attract pollinators to your Tower. Not only does this method of planting help the environment, but it helps you save money, too. Plus, these cover crops can be a great addition to companion planting in your garden! Some of our favorites to include in our vertical vegetable garden include spinach, legumes, peas, and even marigold. 

Many gardeners also find that their harvests are larger and more fulfilling with the addition of cover crops. This is because as more organic nutrients are added, larger, more nutritious produce grows. No matter how you look at it, cover crops are a great addition to your current companion planting strategy and will actively help the soil.

No matter how much experience you have or what types of veggies you’re growing, taking time out of your day to learn more about organic gardening is the best way to improve your soil health and yield better harvests. If you’re interested in organic vertical vegetable gardening, we’re here to help. Visit Garden Tower Project today to kickstart your garden and help the environment in the process.

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