Tower Tip: Starting Tomato Seeds

Tower Tip: How to Start Tomato Seeds

The Garden Tower Project Teaches You How to Start Your Own Tomato Seeds

Join resident Garden Tower® 2 Vertical Gardening System expert and master gardener Kristi Armes as she demonstrates how to start tomato seeds.

Kristi’s Top 6 Tips for Starting Tomato Seeds

  1. Start your seeds 4-6 weeks before your last frost date.
  2. Make sure you are starting with light, fluffy seed starting soil mix. Make sure your soil temp is as close to 75 – 85 degrees Fahrenheit as possible. You may need a soil heating mat in colder climates.
  3. Be sure to clean and sanitize all of your materials, your hands, and your tools. Tomato plants are very susceptible to viruses.
  4. Put dates on your seed markers so you know when your seeds went in the soil.
  5. Apply a sprayer to keep the soil moist.


Watch Kristi as she demonstrates her seed starting process for you.


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