Tower Tip: Vermicomposting, Part 2

Part 2 in Our Guide to Vermicomposting Series

In the first part of the Garden Tower Project guide to vermicomposting series, Kristi Armes and Tom Tlusty discussed the basics of vermicomposting. They also went over tips for creating the best environments for worms as well as what materials you should put in your Garden Tower® 2 planting system. Now, it is time to begin part 2.

Part 2

In part 2 of this 3 part series, Kristi and Tom talk about:

  • The benefits of vermicomposting
  • The definition of a “continuous flow-through system”
  • How to take care of your worms over time
  • When (and how often) to empty the compost drawer
  • How to empty the compost drawer
  • How to prepare kitchen scraps for use in the compost tube

Once you are ready for the next step, visit the Tower Tip: Vermicomposting, part 3 video here.

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