Unique Stocking Stuffers to Wow the Special Gardener in Your Life

Finding the Perfect Additions to Any Vertical Vegetable Garden

mother and child planting a variety of different greens, vegetables, and herbs into the rich soil of their vertical vegetable gardenThe holidays are the perfect time to show people in your life that you care about them. If one of those people happens to be a gardening fanatic and you’re unsure what to buy them, you’ve come to the right place. As industry leaders in compact gardening, we’ll show you some of our favorite stocking stuffers that ANY gardener will love.

Aerate and Maintain Compost With a Crank

Transform Your Vertical Vegetable Garden Through Healthy Vermicompost

product image of Garden Tower Project's Compost Crank Twist™Aerated compost is healthy compost—that’s why we specifically crafted this compost crank for effortless loosening and handling. It’s lightweight, easy to use, and won’t hurt your worms, hands, or budget. Plus, it can also help break up roots and is handcrafted in the USA. The best part? While designed for the built-in compost tube of our vertical vegetable garden, it can be used in any compost bin, too. This means that even if your favorite gardener doesn’t have one of our Towers, they can still aerate any compost with ease.

Plan For Spring’s Bountiful Harvest With a Seed Collection

High-Quality Seeds Equal a Healthy Garden

the vegetables, herbs, and flowers included in Garden Tower Project's Bountiful Harvest Seed CollectionThere’s never been a better time to start thinking ahead to your spring garden. Why not kick things off with some new seeds? It’s common knowledge that the better the seeds, the better the plant—that’s why we choose the best organic, non-GMO seeds for each of our collections. These can be placed directly in your garden or started indoors while the weather is still too cold. Plus, starting seeds indoors gives you more control over the environment and can serve as a motivator for spring. Our Bountiful Harvest Collection includes the most popular herbs, veggies, and flowers that thrive in our Tower. Additionally, this combo is wonderful for companion planting, too. Looking for more variety? Our other packs include the Culinary Herbs, Juicing Tower, and Salsa Tower collections.

The Precise Tool to Manage Your Garden With 

Keep Gardening Easy With the Mini Tower Plower

product image for the Mini Tower PlowerAble to be used in even the tightest spaces, a Mini Tower Plower is the perfect gift for any gardener no matter their experience level. While this tool works great with all gardens, it’s notably helpful for compact gardening, especially with our Garden Tower®. Its small, light, and narrow design allows precise movements when planting, prepping soil, and removing roots. Even better? It’s backed with an unconditional one-year warranty and a three-year limited warranty to keep your gardener happy for years to come.

Use a Pruner to Trim Plants With Ease

Swiftly Harvest Greens and Manage Garden All In One

product image for the Precision Titanium Straight Blade PrunePruning is crucial to the health and maintenance of your garden’s plants—that’s why we recommend the Precision Titanium Straight Blade Pruner to keep you AND your plants comfortable. Perfect for both right and left-handed individuals, its ergonomic and comfortable design reduces hand stress while in use. Plus, its surgical stainless steel blade holds a sharp edge for longer and allows for precise cutting of individual leaves.

Add a Soil Moisture Indicator to Your Vertical Vegetable Garden

Efficiently Monitor Moisture to Ensure Plant Health

a soil moisture indicator placed in the rich soil of a vertical vegetable gardenOur Soil Moisture Indicator allows gardeners to know exactly when their plants need water. When it comes to this tool, you’ll never have to guess when and how much you should be watering ever again. Its easy-to-read design makes watering a simple and quick task, allowing users to spend more time focusing on other components of the Tower. This helpful tool isn’t just for your vertical vegetable garden, though. It can be used in any large amount of soil, including houseplants! We recommend using it in pots with a diameter of 7” or more. The package includes two white sticks and an indicator core which can be replaced.

Protect Your Hands With Gardening Gloves

Stay Stylish and Comfortable While Your Garden

closeup of green, red, and glue gardening gloves laying on pavementProtecting your hands and arms with gloves while gardening is important for your skin’s health and beauty. Plus, it keeps you from getting hurt and allows for easier gardening work. Garden gloves don’t just have to be for protection, though—you can have fun by making them match your style, too! No matter the color or pattern, as long as they’re durable, long, and versatile, they'll have any gardener’s stamp of approval!

Use a Herb Stripping and Chopping Tool to Save Time in the Kitchen

Healthy Dinners Made Quick and Easy

the Herb Stripper Tool with different types of greens and herbs that it can be used withPhoto courtesy of Amazon

Chopping a large number of vegetables can take a significant chunk of time out of your cooking session. However, we don’t want this to discourage you from eating healthy, organic meals. There are plenty of different tools that can help you prepare veggie-filled dinners quicker, including the herb stripper tool. We love adding kale, collard greens, chard, and herbs to any dish to give it some next-level flavor, so we were ecstatic when we found this tool. This device helps us chop and strip greens for a quicker dinner for the entire family. It’s also perfect for any busy gardener who loves adding herbs and veggies to their meals, too.

Our favorite part about all of these products is that no matter the age, gardening experience, or ability level of the person you’re buying for, these selections are timeless and helpful. Plus, you’ll probably gain some major brownie points, too. Interested in starting your own organic vertical garden? Visit Garden Tower Project today to learn more about how it can improve you AND your loved ones’ lives.

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