Tower Tip: Vermicomposting, Part 1

Part 1 in Our Guide to Vermicomposting Series

Did you know that there is a method for getting rid of your trash that can actually help the environment? It’s called vermicomposting, and you can practice it with your Garden Tower® 2 vertical planting system.

Get up to speed on vermicomposting with Kristi Armes, resident Garden Tower® 2 vertical gardening system expert, and special guest Tom Tlusty. Tom is an advanced “worm rancher”, and he spells out what you really need to know to keep your worms happy and healthy. In this three-part series, the two expert gardeners will teach you everything you need to know about vermicomposting in your Garden Tower® 2 planting system.

Part 1

In part 1 of this 3 part series, Kristi and Tom talk about:

  • How to create the best habitat for your worms
  • How to put soil in your tower
  • What to put in the tower
  • The various kinds of worms
  • The difference between vermicomposting and hot composting

Once you are ready for the next step, visit the Tower Tip: Vermicomposting, part 2 video here.

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