Ultra efficient 80 watt LED Grow Light

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Easily and quickly grow organic greens, herbs, and vegetables year-round using less electricity with our commercial quality full-spectrum LED grow lights.

Light only, add our vertical light stand!


We also offer a 3 light and stand kit meant for the Garden Tower. 

Grow large quantities of organic herbs, greens, and even vegetables year-round with our Ultra Efficient 80 watt LED Grow Light!

  • Wide-dispersion design provides 90 degrees of useful light projection allowing for use very close to plants
  • Designed for both horizontal and vertical orientation
  • Ultra Efficient: 44.9% more efficient than high efficiency T5 florescent grow lights
  • Passive thermal management dissipates heat away from plants reducing the need for fans
  • Exclusive 3-year manufacturer's limited warranty,  >50,000 hour rated life (10-year design lifespan)
  • Horticultural quality components including Japanese LEDs
  • 6400K Full-spectrum balance for all-purpose grow light use
  • High PAR (Photosynthetically Available Radiation) efficiency delivers commercial level light output [170 PAR (μmol/m2/s) at 1ft, 0°); 150 PAR  (μmol/m2/s) avg. for 90° dispersion @ 1 ft]n
  • 6-foot non-switched cord.  
  • High quality color rendition and flicker-free for comfortable use in home environments
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Additional Technical Specifications
  • Input power: 240 watts total; 76-80 watts per light (depending on input voltage)
  • Input voltage: 90-260 VAC
  • Luminus Flux: 25,800-27,000 total Lumens; 8600-9000 Lumen per light
  • 3x (192) 1-watt LED arrays under-driven for higher efficiency and lifespan
  • Extra-wide 120° Beam Angle, averaging 85% of peak output over 90° dispersion
  • Operating environment: 0°f to 140°f
  • Dimensions: 46.5″ x 3.5″ x 3″

This chart represents the PAR (“photosynthetically available radiation” or plant-available light output) over a 90 degree field of light dispersion measured perpendicularly to the longest axis of the grow light. As seen in the data, the output is impressively uniform averaging about 85% (144 PAR) of peak output (170 PAR) across a 90 degree field. This wide, even radiation pattern combined with the 46.5″ length of the grow light array is ideal for the Garden Tower® 2 application. The under-driven LEDs in the array boost efficiency, resulting in a very high effective PAR efficiency which creates more useful light with less power consumption (80 watts).

Regular price $158.35 Sale price $134.99
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