Customer Experiences

“I planted a fall garden in 2011 in two prototypes of the Garden Tower. Crops included kale, collards, cabbage, broccoli, spinach, arugula, leaf lettuces, chives, garlic chives, sage, marjoram, and parsley. The results were astounding. In March, I still have kale, collards, and herbs that overwintered in the units and continue to flourish. The Garden Tower interested me in particular because I have back problems that limit my ability to bend in the garden. Garden tower owner: Michael SimmonsThe Garden Tower’s elevated growing spaces made it easy for me to care for my plants without stressing my back. After misting the growing ports until seed germination, I was able to water exclusively from the top. The water trickled down to wet all growing zones, and the excess drained through the bottom drainage holes. The units were easy to cover with floating row covers and tarps during excessively cold weather, so I was able to harvest lettuce and arugula in January. I have been very pleased with the results of my fall garden experiment and look forward to planting this spring.”

Michael Simmons
Advanced Master Gardener (Bloomington, Indiana)

“I wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying my Garden Tower! I am not an avid gardener. I have planted flowers and perennials but all I have ever done for vegetables were put a few tomatoes and herbs in pots on my patio. Customer photo: Sandy’s daughter with her Garden Tower at 1-monthI wanted to have more veggies but with my work schedule and space limitations, I just didn’t have time to deal with a garden. The Garden Tower has made it possible for me to enjoy fresh veggies and herbs all year long with next to no effort! I was harvesting lettuces and herbs just two weeks after planting it an am getting excited to start harvesting Tomatillos, squash, and peppers! I am getting more than we can use and regularly give some to my co-workers. Thanks for making an easy way an enjoyable way for busy people to be able to enjoy fresh vegetables!! (Photo is 1 month after planting!)

Sandi Barnes Gomez
Novice veggie gardener Ellettsville, Indiana

“This garden tower is fantastic. I’m a certified permaculturist and my wife and I purchased one of these last summer as I have a bad back. It worked great. The design is excellent; it’s sturdy, and well-crafted. All you need to do is buy a cup of worms at the start of the year to begin moving nutrients and have a decent container underneath to recycle those many nutrients. We’re looking at getting a 2nd one so that we can grow more veggies this summer!! Thank you Garden Tower folks!!”

Brian Bunn
Certified Permaculturist (Bloomington, Indiana)

“I was amazed. We run an organic permaculture garden, so we expect things to grow fast and well. Garden Tower user: Ann KreilKampBut this Garden Tower was like a beacon of light… totally astonishing. I estimate growth in the Tower at least 30% faster, maybe more. All the plants were, and remained healthy. No weeds. No bugs. What’s not to love?”

Ann Kreilkamp, Ph.D.
Community Garden organizer Bloomington, Indiana

“I absolutely love the Garden Tower and I think every family should have at least one. I put in my kitchen scraps and have it come out as these wonderful castings. My Garden Tower gets fertilized and I have castings for other plants. I have never seen herbs or vegetables grow faster than they do in the Garden Tower–it is amazing!”

Mary Wheeler
Master Gardener Bloomington, Indiana

“Have had mine now for about 3 weeks and I simply love it.”

Deborah Phillips
Respiratory Therapist at Kindred Healthcare Tomball, Texas

I estimate growth in the Tower at least 30% faster, maybe more. All the plants were, and remained healthy. No weeds. No bugs. What’s not to love?

Project Co-Founder, Environmental Scientist and Applied Natural Scientist

I estimate growth in the Tower at least 30% faster, maybe more. All the plants were, and remained healthy. No weeds. No bugs. What’s not to love?

Community Support
Thank you to all our friends, family, and businesses who continue to help us grow!

88 years young and gardening strong with her Garden Tower! Esther Garden Tower User Review Facebook Photo Esther sent us this picture of her and her tower (www.facebook.com/gardentowerproject). This is the first year she has used it and she absolutely loves it! She used to have a huge traditional garden and now primarily uses her Garden Tower and just has a few things in her regular garden. “I’m so glad my daughter bought this for me! It is so easy to care for and it sits just outside of the house on the patio…so convenient! ” Esther will be 88 in September. Happy early Birthday Esther! Just one question, how did you manage to find a lipstick color that matches your flowers? That is awesome! Thanks so much for the photo and we wish you many more years of happy growing!

Esther & her Daughter

Here near the North Rim of Grand Canyon, (a high altitude desert) we live in an off grid home where collected rainwater is all we use for our home and garden. In the past, we have attempted to grow vegetables the traditional way. We tried permaculture; mulching them, raised beds, etc. We would give every plant a gallon a day, and they still did not thrive through our challenging winds, dryness and altitude. Then in mid summer, there was always a danger of running out of water before the monsoons rains come. Now it appears that the Garden Tower is going to change all of that! We can now water 50 plants with only 5 gallons of water a day, and the plants are staying much more hydrated than when we tried to have them in beds. For a garden with limited water resources in the dry desert climate, this is a huge blessing! What used to take 50 gallons of water a day is now taking just 5 gallons. This is great for a desert location. It will finally enable us to grow substantial amounts of our own food. We really appreciate the garden tower and have had numerous curious people already, including our UPS driver and the Post Master of Fredonia! Thank you for making this great tool available!

In Gratitude, Kathryn Sharp
Master Gardener White Sage, AZ

I tended a complete homestead 40 years ago in British Columbia. I forgot much of what I learned then. Now I’m 72, surviving cancer, and trust that a daily variety of fresh organic vegetables is healing. Garden Tower is my guarantee of organic and fresh. Since discovering Garden Tower on a TV environmental, the excitement, creativity, meditation, productivity, and exercise of gardening itself is proving as healing as the eating. Because… IT’S SPRING, I’M GARDENING!!! I’m a cancer-retired teacher and a perpetual student. I didn’t study cancer because healing, and studying healing, was my priority. Nutrition was critical to my healing, but studying nutrition was counter-productive, frustrating, and depressing, because of the misinformation. Until I found Garden Tower, I wasn’t strong enough to garden in the traditional hoe method. When I saw the garden tower, the hope represented by that vision of independent, fresh, organic food improved my health, immediately. I told everyone I saw about it, and they remarked on my improvement, before I even received my Garden Tower.

Diane Pharo
British Columbia