Ultra Efficient LED Grow Light Kit (240 watt)

Grow large quantities of organic herbs, greens, and even vegetables year-round with our Ultra Efficient Complete Garden Tower® LED Grow Light Kit.   Includes three of our high-efficiency, high-power 4-foot 80-watt Commercial Quality LED Grow Lights optimized for indoor produce production with Garden Towers® and other vertical or horizontal growing platforms.  

Includes: (3) Commercial Quality 4' 80-watt LED Grow Lights, (3) LED Grow Light Stands USA-Steel Black Vertical Stands, (3) Cords, (3) Sets of mounting hardware, and (1) Outlet Timer and 3-Way adapter designed for the Garden Tower® 2: 50-Plant Composting Container Garden

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    Easily and quickly grow organic greens, herbs, and vegetables year-round using less electricity with our commercial quality full-spectrum grow lights.

    Our ultra-efficient, high-power 4-foot LED Grow Lights are optimized for indoor produce production with Garden Towers®, and are also an excellent choice for horizontal growing applications. We have selected these specific light arrays after 3 years of LED lighting tests because of their exceptional performance and value; they are nearly twice as efficient (per watt consumed) as other LED grow lights we have tested.  Our Premium Garden Tower Lighting Kit includes (3) Ultra Efficient 80w LED Grow Lights, (3) USA-Steel Heavy Duty Black Stands, (3) Sets of Hardware, (3) Cords, and a hourly timer.


    • (3) Commercial Quality 4' 80-watt LED Grow Lights, (3) USA-Steel Black Vertical Stands, (3) Cords, (3) Sets of mounting hardware, and (1) Outlet Timer
    • Wide-dispersion design provides 90 degrees of useful light projection allowing for use very close to plants
    • Designed for both horizontal and vertical orientation - Includes vertical mounting clips
    • Ultra Efficient: 44.9% more efficient than high efficiency T5 florescent grow lights
    • Height-adjustable, black powder-coated vertical stands allow the grow lights to extend up to 62 inches above the floor (white version pictured)
    • Passive thermal management dissipates heat away from plants reducing the need for fans
    • Exclusive 3-year manufacturer's limited warranty,  >50,000 hour rated life (10-year design lifespan
    • Horticultural quality components including Japanese LEDs
    • 6400K Full-spectrum balance for all-purpose grow light use
    • High PAR (Photosynthetically Available Radiation) efficiency delivers commercial level light output [170 PAR (μmol/m2/s) at 1ft, 0°); 150 PAR  (μmol/m2/s) avg. for 90° dispersion @ 1 ft]n
    • 6-foot switched cord.  Can also be connected in series end-to-end (additional cords required)
    • High quality color rendition and flicker-free for comfortable use in home environments
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    Customer Reviews

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    Dave Rivard

    Love it

    Great lights! Well pleased

    This year I felt moving the garden indoors would be wise. I tried lighting it with overhead grow lights but they didn’t have the coverage needed to be successful. I have two towers, and two sets of lights. From the stands that are nicely designed and very stable to the power of lights themselves, I’m very satisfied with my purchase. One observation is the other grow lights I have seem to have a different blend of light frequencies in their array. This is one of their selling points. Time will tell if it really matters.

    Robert M

    Our plants in the garden tower are doing great under the LED lights!

    Love the light kit!

    The lights were very simple to set up and use. Terrific emissions of light!

    Regular price $572.44 Sale price $469.99
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