Worm Farming Revealed’s ~ Secret Recipe ~ eBook

WFR's Secret Recipe will cause your plants to be Large, Healthy, & Pest Resistant from the very beginning to the end of the growing season. Does WFR's Secret Recipe contain worm castings? Yes, of course, but worm castings is only a small portion of what plants need in order to be healthy. Download link will be on the bottom of your order confirmation after purchase.

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In this 40 Page  Electronic Publication you'll learn that plants don't breathe only carbon dioxide and they don't just feed on worm castings alone. There are several variables that need to be be met in order to produce a large, thriving plant that bugs hate. Equip yourself with the knowledge of nature that's hidden in the Secret Soil. Discover what plants eat, breathe, and drink and it's not just a recipe, it's a methodology as well.

This soil recipe will work with several types of gardening methods like:

  • Container gardening
  • Raised beds
  • Traditional gardening
  • Straw bale gardening
  • Square foot gardening
  • Lasagna gardening
  • and many more!!

It doesn’t matter where or what you decide to grow your plants in. One fact will always remain. You’ll need great, natural & nutritional food for your plants.

This recipe has been proven to work in some of the worst soils. Why wouldn't you pay only $12.95 to increase your garden's health & yields exponentially?

Regular price $12.95
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