Dr. Earth 706P Organic All Purpose Plant Food

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100% Organic & Natural Hand Crafted Blend - Low Salt blend is perfect for the Garden Tower® 2

NO GMOs – Chicken Manure – Sewage Sludge (“Biosolids”) to taint the cleanliness or safety of this handcrafted blend

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Low salt formula is perfect for your Garden Tower® 2.  Mix the entire bag in with your soil as you fill or add to an existing Garden Tower® vertical container gardening and composting system for a nutritional boost.

  • Recommended to mix with peat or coir potting mixes to provide a quality nutrient base for an entire year of Garden Tower® harvests
  • 100% Organically sourced 4-4-4 plant food / slow-release fertilizer
  • Champion soil builder; will not burn roots or leaves
  • Feed vegetables, all flowers, bedding plants, all trees, shrubs, annuals, perennials, and potted plants
  • This product is made in United States
  • Contains pro-biotic, seven champion strains of beneficial soil microbes plus ecto and endo mycorrhizae
  • Usable for all planting applications; champion soil builder; consistent premium quality
  • 100 Percent natural and organic; stable and consistent plant growth no growth spike; exceptional result because nutrients are released quickly
  • Eight select strains of ecto and endo mycorrhizae contribute to drought tolerance, enhanced nutrient availability and increased plant performance
  • Provides optimum levels of essential plant nutrients; eliminates the need for chemical fertilizers when used as directed
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Regular price $15.99
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