Cut Back on Carbon Emissions With Your Garden Tower 2

Sustainability Starts With Vertical Vegetable Gardening

various harvested greens sitting in front of a vertical vegetable gardenAs environmentalism becomes more prominent in our society, many people are wondering how they can make a change in their daily lives. That’s where we come into play—as environmentalists striving to create sustainable and accessible gardening solutions, we’ll show you how growing your own food with a vertical vegetable garden can save you money AND help cut back on carbon emissions.

How Growing Your Own Food Can Help the Environment

An Investment in a Vertical Vegetable Garden Benefits the Planet

harvested greens from a Garden Tower® sitting on a kitchen counterGrowing your food is a rewarding hobby for a variety of different reasons. Other than being considered the most sustainable choice, it’s also great for your mental health, provides your body with necessary nutrients, and can be an educational experience for you and your children. We believe that there are two main reasons why growing your own food is so sustainable:

  • Slashes shipping carbon emissions: As more people begin to grow their own organic food, stores will have less of a demand for produce. As we know from basic economics, less demand will eventually lead to less supply. With fewer shipping trucks bringing herbs, vegetables, and greens to your local grocery stores, fewer fossil fuels will be used in the process.
  • Cutting down on driving/delivery: Having a reliable source of fresh produce at home allows you to take fewer trips to the grocery store and get less takeout delivered. Not only will this save you a significant amount of money, but it also cuts down on both your and other businesses’ carbon emissions.

Interested in learning more about how you can grow your own food? Keep reading to see how a Garden Tower 2 can be a great addition to your home.

Our Vertical Vegetable Garden’s Eco-Friendly Design

How We Continue to Think Sustainably

nutritious herbs, greens, and vegetables growing in on of Garden Tower Project's vertical vegetable gardensWhen it comes to sustainability efforts, we let our actions speak for themselves. Over the years, we have continued to perfect the design of our Garden Tower® to create the most eco-friendly and accessible product on the market. One of the most unique parts of our Tower is the built-in compost tube. With this feature, you’re able to cut down on waste and become less reliant on toxic, inorganic fertilizers. Not only this, but you’ll also receive larger, more nutritionally-dense harvests because of the additional nutrients from composting.

Lastly, our vertical vegetable garden is designed to conserve as much water as possible—from catching additional water (also known as worm tea) in the compost drawer to a design that actively fights evaporation, you’ll be saving on your water bill AND helping the planet. Other than our Tower, we’ve also created a variety of different products and accessories that are sustainably made in the USA, cutting down on shipping costs and carbon emissions as a whole.

Garden Tower Project’s Commitment to Sustainability

Our Journey Towards a Living Product Certification and Bioplastic Usage

two children watering seedlings in their Garden Tower 2Because we care so deeply about sustainability and helping the environment, we created the Garden Tower 2 to give those living in both rural and urban areas the ability to grow fresh produce and compost kitchen scraps. We recognize that as many areas become more urban, it’s important that everyone has the opportunity to garden—no matter how small the apartment or balcony.

Alongside our efforts to make gardening more accessible, we also designed the Tower to be eligible for the “Living Product” certification. This award is given to products that meet certain requirements with their carbon, energy, and water impact as well as the amount of space they take up. In 2018, our Tower scored a 16/20 and was awarded this label not only because of its conservation potential but also because it is made from 100% recyclable non-toxic, BPA-free  plastic. As our company grows, we’re always looking for more opportunities to make gardening more accessible and continue being industry leaders in vertical vegetable gardening.

Feeling motivated to help the environment by cutting down on your carbon emissions? That’s great—we’re pretty pumped, too. Learn more about how you can start composting and growing your own food by visiting Garden Tower Project today. Plus, we have plenty of expert resources to help your vertical vegetable garden thrive all season long.

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