Fall Tower Prep

As we enter into Autumn, it’s important to make sure your Garden Tower is prepared and properly cared for before the growing season starts! Follow these simple steps to make sure you’re ready for a successful Fall season.

1. Make Nutrient Tea

Nutrient tea, also known as “worm tea”, is water that has traveled through the soil of the Garden Tower and is highly potent in nutrients and minerals required for healthy vegetable plant growth. Plus, it is an odorless repellent for pests like mites and aphids.

Lucky for you, the Garden Tower makes nutrient tea for you! Once the water has travelled through the soil, nutrient tea will collect into the container beneath the drain. This collection should be returned to the top of the tower before each watering!

2. Refresh Tower with Plant Food

It’s important to refresh your plant food in order to ensure a healthy growing season. Plant food is a great addition to your Garden Tower for a nutritional boost to make sure your plants are as healthy as possible.

We suggest using Dr. Earth 706P Organic All Purpose Plant Food in the Garden Tower 2.

3. Clean out Compost

Cleaning out compost between seasons is a necessary step to prevent pests, weeds, and other diseases. Once you clean out old plants, leaves, and possible pests, you’ll have a nice clean slate for new vegetables and herbs to grow!

While it’s best to empty the compost tube every 30 to 40 days, make sure to empty it before your growing season especially. 

Follow these quick steps and you’ll be sure to have a fun and plentiful Autumn growing season!

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