Gifts for Gardeners of All Ages and Skill Levels: Tools, Vertical Garden Planters, and More

Buying for gardeners can be difficult when you’re not a gardener yourself, so here at Garden Tower Project™, we’ve created this comprehensive guide to help you understand the type of gardener you’re shopping for, as well as gift suggestions for different types of gardeners. We’re featuring some of our favorite gifts, such as a vertical garden planter, tools for any kind of gardener.

Understanding What Kind of Gardener You’re Shopping For

Different Gifts for Different Size and Time Constraints

woman harvesting produce

One of the most important things to consider before shopping for your gardener is what kind of gardening they’re interested in and what they’re able to do within the confines of their own home. Some people may only have a corner of their balcony, while others may have extensive yard space that can be converted into a garden. We’ve created a list of gift suggestions for this holiday season that can be used for a variety of gardeners with different wants and needs. This list is split into several different categories, from those who have space to those who have limited space,  as well as those who are experts or beginners.

Practical Tools For All Gardeners: Mini plow, shears, shovel

Helpful Tools For When You’re Unsure of What Kind of Gardener You’re Buying For

gardening tools

Sometimes, you may not know what kind of gardening the person you’re buying for is interesting or even their space or time constraints. When in doubt, small, hand held gardening tools are a great purchase for any gardener. These can be used in large, outdoor garden beds, or also in houseplants indoors. No matter what kind of gardening this person is doing, small tools can help immensely with their gardening adventures.   We offer an assortment of gardening tools and accessories that are great gifts.

A Vertical Garden Planters For Limited-Space Gardeners

Allowing Those With Space Constraints to Continue Gardening

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Sometimes people may not have the yard space for a full garden or they may not even have a yard at all—a great alternative to traditional gardening is vertical garden planters, which are incredibly compact and can hold up to 50 plants. These can be used both indoors and outdoors, so whether they place it on their apartments balcony or in the empty space of their living room, there’s always a way to continue growing healthy, fresh food no matter the space constraint. Even if they don’t have a space constraint, however, there are many other reasons to buy a vertical garden planter, such as built-in vermicomposting.

The Farmers Almanac to Help Outdoor and Beginner Gardeners

Giving Outdoor Gardeners Climate Predictions and Recommendations for When to Plant/Harvest

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A simple yet incredibly important reference for outdoor gardeners is the Farmers Almanac book, which includes predictions on the weather and overall climate for the upcoming year as well as recommendations on when food should be planted throughout the year and the best times to pick the produce. This is a simple and cheap way to help a gardener out while also keeping a gift simple and cost-efficient.

Greenhouse Kits For Advanced Gardeners

Going Beyond a Vertical Vegetable Garden for Those With Space


A great gift to allow them to grow all year round is a small greenhouse kit—here, they can grow a wide variety of plants and produce no matter the climate. You know the person that you’re buying for best, so knowing whether they’d enjoy a greenhouse for all year gardening is up to you—while some gardeners may not have enough space for large gardening adventures, others may have a large amount of unused land that they’re itching to grow on. There is a wide array of different greenhouse kit options available to suit a variety of needs.

Understanding the gardener you’re buying for wants and needs when it comes to gardening is the most important step. Once you’re able to determine what category they fall under, then you’ll be able to pick the best course of action for gift buying and find something that they’ll love no matter what. Want to check out more gardening supplies or learn more about a vertical vegetable garden? Check out Garden Tower Project for a wide variety of gardening gear and helpful guides.

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