How Garden Tower Project is Committed to Future Gardeners

two children standing inside of an empty vertical vegetable garden, pointing at the camera and smilingSustainability and food security start early in life—that’s why here at Garden Tower Project, we’re committed to getting kids in the garden at a young age. One of the main ways that we’re facilitating learning outside the classroom is by donating vertical vegetable gardens and gardening supplies to youth programs. To help provide children and communities gardening education opportunities, we’re teaming up with Kids Gardening to provide winning prizes for their upcoming Youth Grant.

Garden Tower Project’s Commitment to Accessible Gardening

Facilitating Gardening Education for Youth

5 children hold up their Garden Tower®'s compost drawer filled with nutrient teaWe believe that a better future starts with educating our children. By teaching kids about gardening, they begin to build both their understanding of the world AND themselves. Additionally, they learn about where their food comes from and start to understand how to fuel their bodies with the right foods. Education along with access to a garden results in more food security, which can potentially improve every aspect of a community. 

Previously, we’ve sponsored Kid’s Gardening programs by donating Towers to allow children to get their hands in the dirt early in life. This year, however, we are expanding our participation and dedication to provide more children with a high-quality gardening experience. 

What Are We Donating?

Vertical Vegetable Gardens, Tools, and More

overhead shot of 5 children and the strawberries they harvested from their vertical vegetable gardenWe’re upping our involvement and becoming a primary co-sponsor of the 2022 Youth Gardening Grant Program. We aren’t just supplying Towers this time—we’re giving tools, potting soil, and other gardening necessities to help the winner’s garden thrive. Altogether, we’re donating $1,000 for 5 program winners, pledging $5,000 or more in equipment and supplies. By increasing our donation this year, we believe that we’ll be giving more children the opportunity to learn about sustainability and the environment through youth organizations and school programs.

What Organizations Are Eligible to Win a Vertical Vegetable Garden?

Enhance Your Youth Education Program Through Gardening—For Free!

a boy planting herbs and vegetables into a Garden Tower®The Youth Gardening Grant Program is an excellent opportunity for organizations to create engaging after-school programs, beef up science classes, and provide students with new, exciting interests. We want to provide our Towers and other gardening supplies to organizations and schools that would specifically benefit from vertical, accessible gardening with one of our Garden Tower®s.

Any nonprofit organization, school, or youth program in the US or US territories planning or expanding their gardening program that serves at least 15 children between the ages of 3 and 18 is eligible to win. If you have won in the past and wish to reapply, you must wait one year and prove that your garden programs have been significantly expanded during this time.

We’re ecstatic to watch young gardeners of America grow their own passions and veggies thanks to the 2022 Youth Gardening Grant Program. Interested in getting more involved with accessible gardening for all ages, physical abilities, and experience levels? Visit Garden Tower Project’s website to find out how you can begin your vertical vegetable gardening journey today.

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