New and Exciting Planting Ideas to Spice Up Your Garden Tower 2

Diversify Your Vertical Vegetable Garden and Dinner Plans

two vertical vegetable gardens growing a variety of different organic herbs, vegetables, and greensIt’s a brand new growing season—why not shake things up by planting something fun and exciting in your vertical vegetable garden this time? No matter your level of expertise or food preferences, we have something new for everyone to try. Keep reading to learn more about how YOU can create new delicious and organic meals without ever leaving your home. 

Add an Extra Crunch to Your Meals With Microgreens

A Delicious Way to Add More Nutrients To Your Diet

a closeup of multiple types of microgreens on a cutting boardHave you ever heard of microgreens? If not, we’ve got you covered—our team loves to eat these delicious greens AND are experts in growing them, too! Microgreens are essentially small versions of the greens that you’re already growing in your vertical vegetable garden. Packed with a large amount of flavor and nutrients, you can’t go wrong with this new addition to your Tower.

Beyond tasting great, they’re also excellent for your health. From fighting heart disease to diabetes, adding these refreshing greens to your diet can help you live a healthier life. Finally, to harvest, you should cut right above the soil line when they are approximately 2 inches tall. Also, for best results, you should wash and serve immediately!

Plant Unique Herbs and Veggies to Create a Juicing Tower

Get Delicious Juices From Your Vertical Vegetable Garden

a mother and child planting seedlings from the Juicing Tower Seed Collection in their vertical vegetable gardenWith hot weather on the way, keeping delicious juicing veggies on hand can help you stay cool no matter how warm it gets. Not only do these juices taste great and keep you comfortable, but they’re also great for your health. From fighting chronic diseases to adding a variety of nutrients to your diet, there’s no wrong way to go about making your very own vegetable juice. 

Plus, when you plant using our Juicing Tower Seed Collection, there are herbs, greens, and vegetables for everyone’s tastes. We handpicked every single plant type to ensure high-quality companion planting and delicious juice varieties. If you’re looking for a fun way to spice up your diet AND your garden, turning your vertical vegetable garden into a juicing tower is the way to go.

Transform Your Vertical Vegetable Garden Into a Salsa Stand

A Delicious Snack Right Outside Your Front Door

a closeup of healthy, organic tomatoes growing in the Garden Tower 2To us, there’s nothing better than a bowl of fresh, crunchy salsa to dig some tortilla chips into during the summer. If you’re looking for the freshest salsa around, making it with organic herbs and vegetables you’ve grown yourself is key. If you’re ready to transform your Garden Tower 2 into a Salsa Tower, we’re here to help. 

With our Salsa Seed Collection, you’ll receive carefully curated, high-quality, and 100% organic/non-GMO seeds. Even better? These collections include the perfect amount of seeds for those growing in our vertical vegetable gardens. From crisp arugula to juicy basil Italian tomatoes, your friends and family will be asking for your salsa recipe all summer long.

Add Some Extra Flare to Your Dishes With These Herbs

Endless Culinary Opportunities For Your Family

a closeup of freshly-watered basil thriving in a vertical vegetable gardenThe only thing we’ve found that makes our favorite foods even tastier is topping them with fresh herbs—that’s why we LOVE having a Tower that’s filled to the brim with delicious and nutritious greenery. Our Culinary Herb Seed Collection includes a large array of cooking opportunities, including:

  • Cilantro: add to your rice with lime to create a tasty Mexican-inspired side dish
  • Basil: create delicious pesto or place it on your favorite pizza and pasta
  • Oregano: mix with your breads and doughs to add a mouth-watering Italian twist to your favorite recipes

Along with the wide selection of different herbs, we specifically picked varieties that thrive in containers as we understand that not everyone has the space for more traditional, expansive gardens. Not only will these herbs flourish in your vertical vegetable gardening container, but they’ll also thrive in small pots around your home, too. No matter your taste in food, this seed collection is a great way to spice up your dishes AND expand your cooking knowledge.

From flavorful juices to tasty herbs and greens, changing up your planting layout can expand your palette AND impress guests during your next get-together. Have some newfound inspiration for your garden? There’s plenty more where that came from—visit Garden Tower Project today for expert advice on growing the vertical vegetable garden of your dreams.

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