SPOTLIGHT: NutritionFit NC Providing Food Access One Community at a Time

Here at Garden Tower Project, one of our main goals is that everyone is able to become food secure and independent with the help of our vertical vegetable garden no matter their physical ability, location, or experience with gardening. We’re also passionate about healthy lifestyles and eating great-tasting food that nourishes our bodies. We’re always looking to aid organizations who share similar values to us—that’s where our partnership with Nutritionfit NC comes in. In this blog post, we’ll highlight their organization, how we’ve assisted them, and our shared morals.

How NutritionFit NC Promotes Healthy Lifestyles in Their Community

Making Health Accessible One Person at a Timevarious colors of carrots bundled togetherNutritionFit NC is an organization located in Raleigh, North Carolina. They believe that good health should be accessible to everyone in their community. In order to promote healthy lifestyles and food security in their city, they provide free online and in-person fitness classes, fruits, and vegetables to community members regardless of income level or neighborhood. A large majority of these services take place through neighborhood popups—any area is welcome to join, no matter the financial state of the community. NutritionFit NC runs fully on food and monetary donations though, making community support crucial to their organization.

How Our Missions and Goals Align

Fighting Food Insecurity in Different Ways

an assortment of fruits and vegetables at a neighborhood pop-up eventWhen we first learned about Nutritionfit NC, we were inspired by their commitment to creating a healthy change within their community. Even more inspiring? Our missions complemented each other perfectly. While our goal is to give families an accessible, affordable, and sustainable gardening experience, theirs is to provide the necessary tools to allow as many community members to live a healthy lifestyle as possible. 

At the end of the day, we both want to create a healthier, more food secure future for our children. Change begins in underrepresented and underserved communities, which is one of the many demographics of NutritionFit NC. We believe that we can help change the world by teaming up with other organizations that share similar values, so we wanted to support this movement.

How Garden Tower Project Assisted This Movement

Going Beyond Vertical Vegetable Gardens and Donating Towards Food Transportation

transportation that NutritionFit NC uses to distribute food among community membersAiyo and Nakeshia Jones, the founders of Nutritionfit NC, have supported our movement for a long time. As members of the Garden Tower® community, we wanted to give back by aiding their mission, too. To support them, we first started by understanding their process. Because most produce has a short shelf life, NutritionFit NC regularly teams up with local food companies to distribute fresh food among the community before it goes bad. Transporting this food isn’t cheap, though, so we donated to help them distribute food throughout Raleigh to feed their community.

Even though Garden Tower Project isn’t physically near North Carolina, that didn’t change that we were still able to support NutritionFit NC’s movement. No matter where communities in need are, you can make a difference from anywhere in the world by providing support to establish food security and independence in these areas. Interested in learning more about our efforts to help the community? Visit our website today to learn more about Garden Tower Project and our values as an organization.

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