The Best Accessories to Help Conserve Water in Your Vertical Vegetable Garden

Help the Environment While Saving On Your Water Bill

freshly watered herbs growing in two vertical vegetable gardensIt’s no secret that everyone needs an ample amount of water to survive—even animals and plants require it! As such a crucial part of our daily routine, using water in a purposeful and responsible manner allows every person, animal, and plant to have more access to this valuable resource. This is especially important in dryer USDA hardiness zones, as water is even more sparse in these areas. In this blog post, we’ll cover various different products that you can use in your vertical vegetable garden to help conserve water.

Measure Your Water Savings While Using a Hose Meter

Calculate Water Usage While You Save Money

product image of Garden Tower Project's Save-a-Drop Hose MeterTo us, there’s no better feeling than saving money while working on helping the environment—that’s why we can’t get enough of the Save-a-Drop Hose Meter. Both affordable and easy-to-use, this sustainable product saves time by calculating the exact amount of water used in your vertical vegetable garden. Not only can you see the amount of water from your most recent session, but you can also track the overall usage, too. With this information, it’s easy to avoid overwatering, saving you time and money.

Always Water at the Right Time With a Soil Moisture Indicator

Give Your Vertical Vegetable Garden the Perfect Amount of Water

closeup photo of a Soil Moisture Indicator being used in a Garden Tower 2If you’re someone who struggles with knowing when it’s time to water your plants, you’re in luck—our Soil Moisture Indicator is the perfect addition to any vertical vegetable garden or large potted plant. The built-in, easy-to-read core lets you know when and how much water you should give your Tower. Now, you can say goodbye to over or underwatering and hello to water conservation. Plus, you can reduce waste by simply replacing the core as your product gets older rather than buying a brand new indicator.

Use a Flat and Drip Tray to Conserve Water

A More Sustainable Way to Start Your Own Seeds

product image of the sustainable Heavy Duty Seed Starting Flat and Drip TrayStarting your own seeds is an excellent way to control their growing environment AND ensure healthy, organic plants. We’ve found a way to take it to the next level, though—our Heavy Duty Seed Starting Flat and Drip Tray. When you pair this eco-friendly product with your seedling containers, you can ensure that each plant will get the perfect amount of water while also properly draining. The tray then collects the additional water that can be used again to hydrate your soil later, inevitably saving water in the process.

Pamper Your Vertical Vegetable Garden With a Water Breaker

A Gentle, Even Shower For Every Single Plant

closeup product photo of Garden Tower Project's Water BreakerWhen it comes to your garden, a little bit of pampering can go a long way. That’s why when you water with this lightweight, easy-to-use nozzle, your plants will thank you. As compared to a regular hose, the Water Breaker’s soft and full flow keeps plants hydrated without flattening or damaging them. Even better? This product perfectly pairs with our drip tray, as its gentle flow accommodates even the most fragile of seedlings. Plus, with easy installation, you can start treating your plants the way they deserve right out of the box.

Here at Garden Tower Project, we’re committed to creating sustainably-made products that allow users wordwide to make a difference in their local ecosystem and grow delicious organic food in the process. Interested in learning more about how you can better the world by conserving water? Visit our website today for more ways to make a change through vertical vegetable gardening.

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