Kids Seed Collection

Fun and quick-growing veggies and flowers for kids or the kid at heart. Also includes a discounted downloadable coloring book!

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The Seeds included are:

  • Teddy Bear Sunflowers - these bright yellow puffball blossoms will give you a warm, fuzzy feeling!
  • Little Finger Carrots - Much better than store-bought 'baby' carrots.
  • Jack Be Little Pumpkins - Great for decorating or even serving soup in
  • Flat Leaf Parsley - Not only good for you, but is the host plant for Black Swallowtail Butterflies!
  • Cherry Rose Nasturtium -   the jewel of the garden with pretty leaves. Large seeds are easy for kids to sow!
  • Sugar Daddy Snap Pea – Short Vines with stringless pods make this fast-growing variety fun to eat straight from the plant.
  • Black Seed Simpson Lettuce - Full-sized, frilly leaves can be picked in just over a month.
  • Yellow Patio Cherry Tomato – Short and sweet patio-type tomato with clusters of irresistible snacks.

The link to download the coloring eBook will be emailed and is non-refundable.

 *Please note that seed substitutions may apply.

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Regular price $33.67 Sale price $28.95
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